Safer, Smarter Schools and Campuses with our Advanced Ai video Surveillance System

The Future is Here Now. Let's Do Better.

Works seamlessly with your
existing cameras

Share live feed with local authorities in seconds

Also access control, vape
detection and other features

Deployed at thousands of
locations across the U.S.

We can also supply HD Cameras

Very Cost Effective

Greater Protection through Actionable Real-Time Intelligence

Cameras + Intelligent On-Premise
Video Recorder with Cloud Backup

Optimize Security Using Analytics

Camera Tampering

Receive notifications when a camera is being blocked, covered or moved and respond in real-time.

Object Counting

Monitor the number of students and staff entering and exiting buildings, discover peak times for traffic and gain insight into traffic flow and patterns.


Set up custom alerts to monitor for trespassers or loiterers after hours in parking lots, playgrounds or football fields.


Keep an eye on vulnerable areas after hours by setting parameters and tracking when someone or something enters the predetermined area.

Line Crossing

Protect valuables like sound equipment, trophies or important documents with real-time alerts when someone enters a restricted area.

Intelligence Dashboard

Monitor Securely from Anywhere, Anytime on Any Authorized Device

Secure Access Control

Facial Recognition

License Plate Recognition

Prevent Student Vaping

  • Automatically learn the  environment and alert when vaping is detected
  •  Alert and differentiate between
    vaping, vaping with THC and covering up with aerosols